24 February 2020  Double experience event is active until February 28th.
23 January 2020  New custom equipments was released, you can check our wiki page.
18 January 2020  OTClient with include bot and many other features is available in download section.
There are 16218 characters on 12101 accounts who play on Netunia! Join them today!
IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Netunia 8.60
Welcome to our newest player: Cegla Ed
07 February 2020 by GOD Void -

Netunia is a mmorpg based on game Tibia.
Read our Wiki Page to learn more about the server.

Khaleesi Resets:1291
NightWalker Resets:1245
Sense Resets:1228
Snow Resets:1185
Touch Me Resets:1174
Stormy Resets:1126
Joecali Resets:944
Fader Resets:865
Acheuz Resets:858
Indicus Resets:810